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AT Webinars and Online CPD presentations

Stay connected with AT Webinars and CPD presentations to exchange ideas, share knowledge and provide access to expert insight.

As part of a programme of activities to support our audience and to provide opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange we have been delivering our admired and respected programme through AT Webinars and CPD presentations as we continue to provide content rich programmes to exchange ideas, share knowledge and provide access to expert insight.

Out AT Webinar platform enables us to meet the highest production values and create live online events and presentations that are valuable, engaging and memorable.

Our dedicated Events, Content and Webinar Production teams take all the hassle out of creating, producing and broadcasting successful events and presentations.

Since we launched our webinar programme in April 2020 over 12,000 attendees have joined us  to increase knowledge, gain new insight and maintain their CPD learning commitments.

To find out how AT Webinars and CPD Presentations can help us  provide our audience with access to your expert advice and valuable insight please contact:

Midge Myatt: T: 01902 851645 0r 07802 211619.  E:
Jonathan Stock: T: 07976 163024   E:

The Basics

  • AT Webinars are streamed live on our AT Webinar platform
  • Professionally Chaired by one of our editors
  • Unlimited number of attendeea
  • All AT CPD Accreditated

Media, Promotion and Audience Engagement

  • Joint Branding on all broadcasts
  • Promotion via email, digital advertising, guest content and social media commences 4 weeks prior to each event
  • Editorial coverage on the website follows the event as Guest Content and promoted on the homepage and via email and social
  • Webinar are recorded and made available on the AT website and partner websites
  • Delegates book placs on Eventbrite to gain access to the Webinar (audience is unlimited)
  • Audience engagement through interactive comments and questions
  • Recorded and edited (where required) and available as evergreen content to be shared anywhere
  • Delegate follow up communication


  • Webinars and CPD presentations will be streamed live to unlimited audience
  • High audio and visual production values ensured by dedicated remote production desk
  • Dedicated Production Controllers will enable professional live vision and audio mixing
  • On screen high quality graphics, tiles, and name straps added to the screen
  • Pattern interrupt elements to maintain audience engagement
  • Integrated presentations, high quality visuals, video clips, illustrations and working details where appropriate
  • Speaker technical briefing and loan of Lav Mics, Webcams and Desk Lighting  to speakers where required to ensure quality