The Post Building


Simon Allford talks to Glenn Howells about AHMM's transformation of the derelict Royal Mail sorting office into a mixed-use city block in London's "knowledge quarter".

The Post Building2021-04-15T12:43:14+01:00

House of cards


Elastico Farm has designed a pair of houses at Torrazza Piemonte outside Turin, that experiment with the structural possibilities of granite and disrupt the monotony of the suburban setting.

House of cards2021-04-13T13:01:48+01:00

Lakeside Activity Centre


Glenn Howells Architects has won planning for a leisure centre in Peterborough, featuring a dramatic peak that accommodates a climbing wall

Lakeside Activity Centre2021-03-30T15:11:12+01:00

Hidden House


A brick and zinc-clad dwelling by Alan Morris Architect forms a strong connection with its garden site in north London

Hidden House2021-04-15T12:41:43+01:00

Peveril Gardens


Sanchez Benton’s transformation of a 1960s parking structure is subtly sensitive to history and the local community, finds DK-CM co-founder Cristina Monteiro

Peveril Gardens2021-03-24T13:23:45+01:00

Luma Arles


Frank Gehry's twisting steel-clad tower based on Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night is set to open in June

Luma Arles2021-03-16T13:20:48+01:00

Tainan Public Library


Mecanoo and MAYU Architects complete library with decorative aluminium facade in homage to the historic architecture of the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan

Tainan Public Library2021-03-15T20:11:27+01:00

Brentwood School


Joanna Sutherland enjoys the latest in a series of playful brick buildings designed by Cottrell & Vermeulen at the Brentwood School in Essex

Brentwood School2021-03-09T14:31:48+01:00



A mixed-use building by Caruso St John renegotiates divisions between public and private in Antwerp, finds Tom Avermaete


New Angles


Bell Phillips Architects adds a faceted red brick extension to the Skinners’ School

New Angles2021-02-18T15:07:11+01:00
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