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Shenzhen Transport Hub


Grimshaw has won an international competition for the Shenzhen Airport East Integrated Transport Hub with a design inspired by mangrove trees.

Shenzhen Transport Hub2021-04-19T09:03:56+01:00

Hertford Theatre


Bennetts Associates reveals plans to update Hertford Theatre with new cinema screens, performance space and a riverside cafe.

Hertford Theatre2021-04-19T11:44:01+01:00

The Post Building


Simon Allford talks to Glenn Howells about AHMM's transformation of the derelict Royal Mail sorting office into a mixed-use city block in London's "knowledge quarter".

The Post Building2021-04-15T12:43:14+01:00

A life behind the lens


Timothy Soar reflects on changing technology, travelling the globe and helping architects to inspire new audiences and win more work.

A life behind the lens2021-04-13T13:00:01+01:00

House of cards


Elastico Farm has designed a pair of houses at Torrazza Piemonte outside Turin, that experiment with the structural possibilities of granite and disrupt the monotony of the suburban setting.

House of cards2021-04-13T13:01:48+01:00
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