Join us for an AT webinar Thursday 21 April to hear from the founder and vice-chancellor of the Kharkiv School of Architecture as they ask for support to continue teaching in Ukraine.


Architecture students carry out a performance at the Kharkiv School of Architecture

Determined to stay in Ukraine, the Kharkiv School of Architecture has relocated across the country to Lviv to continue teaching. But to do so, the school needs your support.

Architecture Today will be hosting a special live webinar with the Kharkiv School of Architecture at 10.00am on Thursday 21 April to find out how the UK and international architectural community can provide practical and pedagogical support to enable the school to educate Ukraine’s future architects and engineers and equip them with the knowledge and expertise to face the complex challenges of rebuilding their country.

Oleg Drozdov, founder of the architectural bureau Drozdov & Partners and co-founder of the Kharkiv School of Architecture, Robert Mull, Professor of Architecture and Design at the University of Brighton, Iryna Matsevko, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Kharkiv School of Architecture will outline the work that is being done to safeguard and nurture Ukraine’s talent and its plans to become a leader in modern methods of construction, environmentally-friendly architecture and socially-progressive, sustainable urbanism. Elionora Lushchyk, a student at the school, will also share first hand experience of studying at the school and touch on the impact and school’s response to recent events.

Register for the webinar here.

The Kharkiv School of Architecture has also launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds so it can continue teaching — donate here.