Envisioning Acoustics

Six design teams explore the representation of acoustics in architectural drawing, to see if better ways of looking at sound might enhance the way we discuss it in the design process

Architecture Today and Ecophon invited six design teams to participate in a charette, exploring the representation of sound in architectural drawing. The participants were:

Studioshaw with Morris and Company
Knox Bhavan Architects
Pilbrow & Partners
Flanagan Lawrence 


Sound is vitally important to our experience of buildings, but largely absent from conventional representations of architecture – from plan drawings to models and photographs – which primarily describe that which can be seen. Written descriptions of acoustic conditions are often drily technical. Could different ways of recording and representing our sensory response to buildings affect the way acoustics are considered and discussed in design?

Working independently and pursuing their own lines of enquiry, the teams were asked to explore ways of representing acoustics to enhance the architectural conversation.

As expected, the teams took the proposition in a wide variety of directions, exploring existing urban spaces and live projects, and working with both conventional forms of architectural representation and new media. The results were presented to other participants and guests with a particular interest in drawing and acoustics.