Project Description

Focus launches new Glazed Gyrofocus fireplace.


The legendary Gyrofocus is now available with an Eco Design-ready closed hearth, which is fully compliant with environmental regulations coming into force on 1 January 2022. Imperceptible at first glance, the Gyrofocus has a new and unique curved glass window that protects the environment without altering the original design. This is a huge technological feat for Focus, who remain at the forefront of fireplace innovation.

All the advantages of a real fire are preserved without the risk of sparks flying, thanks to the ingenious frameless sliding glass window that fits seamlessly into the hearth. This allows for a perfect view of the wood burning fire with its flickering flames – all with the added benefit of energy efficiency.


The new Glazed Gyrofocus is compliant with all new legislation concerning wood-burning appliances coming into force early in 2022. However, FOCUS has been pushing boundaries since 2015, and has implemented the strictest regulations complying to the highest environmental standards.

The new Glazed Gyrofocus remains extremely straightforward to use. Thanks to the regulation of the air supply at the base of the opening, it is very easy to adjust the power of the fire and choose low- or high-intensity options. A key positioned on the duct also helps conserve the energy and maintain heat in the room.


More than 12 months of research and development, alongside extensive testing, were necessary to develop the Glazed Gyrofocus, while ensuring the original design remained intact, including its ability to pivot at 360°.

For more information, please visit the Focus website.