Still standing: Stockholm Public Library


Ian Volner revisits Gunnar Asplund's eccentric Stockholm library, which showcases the competing impulses of an architect who embraced Premodernism, Modernism and even Postmodernism – decades before the term came into popular use.

Still standing: Stockholm Public Library2022-06-21T16:02:34+01:00

Still standing: Bank of China Tower


Overcoming numerous site challenges and political controversies, this iconic project by I.M. Pei is a testament to the architect’s ingenuity and foresight.

Still standing: Bank of China Tower2022-05-11T11:39:30+01:00

Still standing: Casa Luis Barragán


Luis Barragán’s most famous work, originally designed for a client in Mexico City in 1937, then occupied by Barragán himself, harnesses the power of opposites as well as referencing his devout Catholicism.

Still standing: Casa Luis Barragán2022-01-26T19:11:25+01:00

Still standing: Centrosoyuz Building


Designed for a street plan that was never realised and an occupant that ceased to exist, Centrosoyuz is a symbol of a dysfunctional state and Le Corbusier’s thwarted ambitions to become the standard-bearer for modernism in the USSR, writes Ian Volner.

Still standing: Centrosoyuz Building2022-05-11T11:58:31+01:00

Still standing: Denver Central Library


Confident and serene, Michael Graves' Denver Library stands as a riposte to the notion of postmodernism as a mish-mash of populism and pizazz. Ian Volner assesses the enduring appeal of a building that has survived a quarter of a century with dignity and grace.

Still standing: Denver Central Library2021-08-31T15:55:24+01:00

Still standing: Lloyd’s of London


Is the Lloyd’s building a monument to reason or just a wilful mess? Contributing editor Ian Volner hazards an irreverent guess as to the motives behind Richard Rogers’ inscrutable design.

Still standing: Lloyd’s of London2021-08-25T16:39:41+01:00

Still standing: Seagram Building


In the first of a series of revisits, Architecture Today’s new contributing editor Ian Volner assesses the significance of an instant icon that has stood the test of time, beginning with Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building.

Still standing: Seagram Building2022-05-11T12:02:02+01:00