My kind of town: Paloma Strelitz


Paloma Strelitz, creative director of Patch co-working network and founding member of Assemble, on the sense of connectedness in Cape Town's Bo-Kaap neighbourhood.

My kind of town: Paloma Strelitz2022-06-20T14:14:00+01:00

My kind of town: Kate Goodwin


Kate Goodwin, professor at the University of Sydney and former Head of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts, on Darwin, a city that provokes a vegemite reaction.

My kind of town: Kate Goodwin2022-05-17T11:33:48+01:00

My kind of town: Will Hunter


London School of Architecture founder and former CEO Will Hunter on Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is spending the year as one of Harvard University's Loeb Fellows.

My kind of town: Will Hunter2022-05-11T11:49:08+01:00

My kind of town: Ingrid Petit


Feilden Fowles associate Ingrid Petit on the generosity and warmth of she found in Glasgow, in contrast to the city's cold description as Edinburgh’s ugly sibling.

My kind of town: Ingrid Petit2022-02-14T12:41:01+01:00

My kind of town: Andrew Clancy


The director of Clancy Moore and Professor of Architecture at Kingston School of Art on childhood memories of Woodford, Ireland.

My kind of town: Andrew Clancy2021-11-30T19:14:19+01:00

My kind of town: Nigel Coates


The British architect, designer and writer on making a second home in Florence, where he has set up a workshop in the "bowels" of the Porta Romana district.

My kind of town: Nigel Coates2021-05-26T10:28:38+01:00

Sadie Morgan


My Kind of Town Plymouth was a case of love at first sight

Sadie Morgan2021-02-09T12:03:16+01:00

Lucy Musgrave


My Kind of Town Midnight meanders nourished my love of the City of London

Lucy Musgrave2020-11-25T14:27:27+01:00

Annalie Riches


My Kind of Town
Whitstable is a magical mix of big skies and small streets

Annalie Riches2020-07-30T12:32:16+01:00