Still standing: Centrosoyuz Building

Designed for a street plan that was never realised and an occupant that ceased to exist, Centrosoyuz is a symbol of a dysfunctional state and Le Corbusier’s thwarted ambitions to become the standard-bearer for modernism in the USSR, writes Ian Volner.

My kind of town: Andrew Clancy

The director of Clancy Moore and Professor of Architecture at Kingston School of Art on childhood memories of Woodford, Ireland.

Build: Architecture 2021

Epic Games showcases the potential of Twinmotion and Unreal Engine and unveils incentives for architects to trial the visualisation products free of charge.

What next for the COP26 House?

In our video interview with Peter Smith of Roderick James Architects, the architect explains how the COP26 House – Architecture Today's temporary HQ in Glasgow – will go on to form part of a low-carbon development in the Cairngorms National Park.

COP26: a landscape architect’s perspective

Working as a landscape architect within the context of a global climate crisis can often feel frustrating, writes ADP's Head of Landscape Claire Hunt, reflecting on her time at COP26. The buzzwords flying around at COP26 all link to responses which are fundamental to a landscape architect’s role.

2021 Brick Awards

Wright & Wright Architects wins the Supreme Award with Lambeth Palace Library.

RIBA, ACAN, and the race to redefine practice

Representatives from ACAN, RIBA, and private practice discussed the challenge of reshaping practice to address climate breakdown at a roundtable discussion hosted by Architecture Today and Medite Smartply at the COP26 House in Glasgow.

Climate ready education

Experts from across the industry join Architecture Today and Medite Smartply at the COP26 House to discuss how to reshape education to address the challenges posed by climate change.