Claire Bennie in conversation with Isabel Allen

Interrailing in middle age, learning from life on the continent, the joys of  1930s mansion blocks and a proposal to give architects the skills required to write a decent brief and be an effective client.

Yemí Aládérun in conversation with Isabel Allen

Finding magic in the mundane, understanding the power of a watertight contract and impeccable paperwork, speaking up for what you believe in and providing a platform for a wide range of professionals to make their voices heard.

Victoria Whenray in conversation with Isabel Allen

Learning from European cities – and from Sheffield, the real Bilbao effect, the power of grassroots projects and thinking outside the red line to embed new parts of the city in the wider neighbourhood.

Rosa Rogina in conversation with Isabel Allen

Taking cultural content beyond the museum and into the public realm, creating a framework that allows other people’s ideas to flourish and encouraging a wide range of city users to engage with the built environment in new and unexpected ways.

Martha Thorne in conversation with Isabel Allen

Celebrating cities, educating a new generation of architects from a wide range of backgrounds and with a whole new set of skills, the role of awards and academia in shaping the modern city and giving urban infrastructure the respect that it deserves.

Morag Myerscough in conversation with Isabel Allen

Connecting with communities, creating projects that bring as much happiness as a cup of tea in the morning or a big bunch of flowers, making architecture without architects and refusing to be defined by the education that you have.