Materials library: Assemble


Maria Lisogorskaya discusses the collective’s approach to combining bespoke materials and finishes with off-the shelf products.

Materials library: Assemble2022-05-23T16:31:43+01:00

Materials Library: Groupwork


Amin Taha and Jason Coe explain the guiding principles behind the practice’s often innovative and always expressive use of materials.

Materials Library: Groupwork2022-05-11T11:48:41+01:00

Materials Library: White Red Architects


Director Joe Haire explains how the practice’s growing interest in sustainability and the circular economy is reshaping its approach to design and materiality.

Materials Library: White Red Architects2022-05-11T11:58:03+01:00

Materials Library: Hawkins\Brown Architects


Morag Morrison and Massimo Tepedino talk about promoting the use of colour and materiality in projects and how the practice’s H\B:ERT tool shows the carbon embodiment of each material used.

Materials Library: Hawkins\Brown Architects2021-11-30T18:54:50+01:00

Materials Library: Squire & Partners


Maria Cheung explains how two meticulously organised materials libraries reflect the importance of materiality, craft and making to the practice’s design approach.

Materials Library: Squire & Partners2022-05-11T12:00:30+01:00

Materials Library: 31/44 Architects


Jamie Flynn and Tobias Jewson focus on finding lightweight low carbon solutions for sensitive sites and reducing the number of samples that end up in the skip.

Materials Library: 31/44 Architects2021-08-25T16:39:36+01:00

Source Material


Materials Library
Samples kept by the practice can alter a project’s direction, finds Tom Whittaker of David Kohn Architects

Source Material2021-08-19T14:58:45+01:00

Curator’s Picks


Materials Library
Nina Wigfall has sole charge of Softroom's samples resource and archive

Curator’s Picks2021-08-19T14:58:48+01:00

Behind the Curtain


Materials Library
Friedrich Ludewig of Acme wants a space where you can be immersed in materials

Behind the Curtain2019-12-16T11:49:27+01:00

Stored in the Cellars


Materials Library
Rob Leechmere of Jonathan Tuckey Design, whose samples are kept in the vaults of a former public house

Stored in the Cellars2021-08-19T14:58:49+01:00