Project Description

Focus is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the launch of a striking new gas stove


Boafocus features a central, double-walled, hemispherical glass porthole through which to view the flames

Designed by sculptor and Focus founder Dominique Imbert, Boafocus combines sinuous lines with a central, double-walled hemispherical glass porthole. The gas-tight, central or wall-mounted stove is compatible with the RT2012 and can be operated via remote control (ignition, programming and regulation).


Introduced in 1968, Gyrofocus was the world’s first suspended 360-degree pivoting fireplace

The gas supply – natural or propane – together with the electronic mechanism for the burner are integrated into the base of the unit. The system is battery operated, enabling operation in the case of power failure. Boafocus is also compatible with low-energy housing as it does not draw air from the room, but from outside via its concentric duct (double wall). The stove is available in matte black (standard) and grey (option).


Curvifocus is a visually-striking concave gas fire

Focus was founded in the medieval village of Viols-le-Fort, South of France, in 1967. Gyrofocus, introduced in 1968, was the world’s first suspended, 360-degree pivoting fireplace. Its forged steel hearth and extended flue have since become company trademarks. Focus has won numerous international honours over the years, including the German Design Council’s prestigious Iconic Award 2018. Focus fires and stoves are available in the UK.