Project Description

AGC boosts the performance of its solar control products with two additional coatings: Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision and Stopray Titanium 34T


With a view to responding to ongoing market developments, meeting customer expectations and delivering the best high-performance products, AGC is bringing two new solar control coatings to market this autumn: Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision and Stopray Titanium 34T. AGC’s high-tech, solar control glazing products are capable of meeting today’s growing energy and aesthetic requirements. Stopray products feature a superb coating that ensures optimal solar control in the summer while their exceptionally low Ug value prevents heat loss in the winter.

Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision
This new, high-performance soft-coated glass product features a triple-silver coating that maximises light transmission while significantly reducing solar heat gain. Sought after by architects for its low interior and exterior light reflection, the coating is also a natural choice for glass processors due to its flexible processing options. Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision delivers a light transmission rating of 70 per cent, a solar factor of 33 and a selectivity of 2.10, with low internal and external light reflection. The product is mainly used in office facades.

Stopray Titanium 34T
Stopray Titanium 34T is a unique, heat-treatable magnetron-coated glass product. There is nothing else like it on the market. Its high solar protection rating and superb light and energy performance make it the perfect choice for hot climates. Featuring body-tinted grey glass, the product is highly prized for its low interior and exterior light reflection and delightful aesthetics – giving processors and architects plenty of leeway to play with the look of a building.

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