Project Description

Iso-Mount: simple, invisible soundproof ceiling solutions from Oscar Acoustics


When noise from above is a problem, the Iso-Mount range from Oscar Acoustics offers professional-grade noise insulation between floors. Ideal for any space from residential to commercial, new build to refurbishment, the British made system works by creating an isolated ceiling that significantly reduces vibrations and sound pressure waves caused by noise in the rooms above.


Iso-Mount Type1 acoustic hanger for timber joist ceilings

High performance soundproofing with minimal ceiling height loss
At the heart of the soundproof ceiling range are the patented Iso-Mount Type1 and Type2 acoustic hangers, designed to tackle the problem of noise transfer with no impact on design appearance. Once work is finished, the Iso-Mount system appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling.


Iso-Mount Type2 acoustic hanger for timber joist & concrete ceilings

The Iso-Mount range is height adjustable, allowing for flat ceilings across uneven joints, and Type1 loses as little as 6mm of ceiling height. Its cost-effective and hassle-free, as its installed entirely from the room below and uses standard clip-on steel channels.


By creating an isolated, floating ceiling using Iso-Mount acoustic hangers you will stop the vibration that causes the transfer of unwanted noise from floor to floor

Fire-rated soundproofing exceeding requirements
The Oscar Iso-Mount exceeds the requirements set in Building Regulations Document E for airborne and impact sound. It also achieves a fire-rating of up to 90 minutes where required.

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