Project Description

Forbo Flooring Systems’ Coral makes entrance spaces safer and cleaner


Soil and moisture that are tracked into a building not only make the interior look dirty and unattractive, but can also result in potential health and safety hazards. It is therefore vital that an effective entrance flooring system is specified to protect interior floor coverings from damage and to remove unwanted soil and moisture from the soles of shoes and the treads of wheels. The WELL Building Standard also recommends the use of entrance matting as an important tool to reduce pollutants entering buildings.

Forbo Flooring Systems’ Coral has been the international leader in textile entrance flooring for more than 50 years, delivering superior performance in the toughest environments. Whether facing rain, snow, sand or soil, Coral keeps the outside from getting inside. In fact, testing by Cleaning Research International has shown that Coral can stop up to 95 per cent of dirt and moisture from entering a building, which in turn can reduce the time spent cleaning interior floor coverings by up to 65 per cent.

Comprising eight individual ranges, the collection has been designed to cater for the soiling behaviour of various environments, from schools and offices, to healthcare buildings and shopping centres. For example, Coral Brush is the great all-rounder, as it is suitable for all types of entrance flooring areas, absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling as the weather demands. Whereas Coral Duo is the ideal solution when you need maximum dirt removal, unrivalled dirt retention and exceptional moisture absorption, all in just a couple of paces.

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