Project Description

LAMILUX’s new Flat Roof Exit Comfort Swing provides a new dimension in roof access


The LAMILUX Flat Roof Exit Comfort Swing opens its 3.5-metre-long glass element hydraulically through the use of a key switch. The exit folds open like a horizontal door, opening up the one-metre wide path to the roof. This saves space on the terrace and is also very quick – opening 84 degrees in 25 seconds.

The border frame attracts attention as an architectural highlight with the aluminum profiles and the reveal surface, which can be painted in all RAL colors. Inclined at five degrees, the closed skylight creates a step-free water drain featuring self-cleaning, and reliably brings in large amounts of daylight.

Comprising three-pane insulating glass, the surface is fall-resistant and can be walked on for cleaning purposes. A light barrier is installed as standard, preventing closure of the element when something is detected in the entrance area.

The other two flat roof exits from LAMILUX open laterally by moving one or two flaps horizontally. However, all three products in this family have one thing in common: they are delivered completely pre-assembled to the construction site, lifted onto the roof by a crane provided by the customer, and are then installed swiftly and easily. This minimises the risk of errors and saves time.

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