Project Description

Industrial and commercial floor screeds from Saint-Gobain Weber can contribute to a more efficient build


Fibre-reinforced, self-levelling, fast setting, rapid-drying weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid floor screed

Industrial and commercial floor screeds by Saint-Gobain Weber have been developed for optimum speed, durability, strength and smoothness essential for allowing early access by following trades that will contribute to project efficiencies and the fastest possible completion times.

Heckington Windmill and Visitor Centre

Weber’s Specification team can advise on optimum product specification, ranging from repair and refurbishment of existing floors, including pre-treatment and priming, to many products and finishes that are suited for today’s modern methods of construction in new-build applications.  The use of proven, pumpable screeds, that harden rapidly and are self-smoothing, will achieve durable surfaces and be ready for foot traffic in just two to four hours after application.

Pumpable weberfloor 4610 industry top has provided an attractive and durable surface layer at Heckington Windmill

These high performance flooring screeds, which are the most technically advanced on the market, meet the BSI Quality Assurance Scheme ISO 9001, and are manufactured in the UK. This contributes to reduced transportation time to Weber’s distribution centres, benefitting from the associated costs, as well as a controlled carbon footprint. Weber’s products are low in alkalinity, have low emissions and are casein-free, while providing high compressive and flexural strength.

Saint-Gobain Weber floor screed levels new styling studios for Envisage Group

Bookings are being taken for Weber’s new Flooring CPD seminar which is available now and can be presented either at its state-of-the-art Technical Academy or at your offices.  For more information about this CPD, to make a booking, or for technical support including award winning training courses, please contact Saint-Gobain Weber on 08703 330 070, or alternatively, bookings can be made by email: