Project Description

A new integrated lighting portfolio from SAS international brings performance and aesthetic upgrades to its tried and trusted suspended ceiling systems


SAS International’s new integrated lighting portfolio is designed to provide seamless luminaire integration with high performance acoustic control. With more than 50 years experience, the company has conducted extensive research into the science and technology of light in order to make its systems efficient and safe. Polar diagrams have beed used to help clients predict how light will work in their offices. Light quality has been carefully considered, particularly in relation to wellbeing. SAS has also manipulated the spectrum of colours emitted by a given light source to soften harsher tones and heighten duller ones.


SAS330i features a fully integrated lighting profile

The portfolio brings new revisions to established systems, including the popular SAS330 design, which is particularly suited to commercial buildings. SAS330i features a fully integrated lighting profile and added visual elegance.  It was recently installed as part of the refurbishment of 20 Canada Square in London’s Canary Wharf. Replacing a tried and trusted SAS330 ceiling, the new LED lighting is guaranteed to deliver more than 90 per cent peak light output after 60,000 hours of operation.


The SAS330i system was installed as part of the refurbishment of 20 Canada Square in  Canary Wharf, London

SAS International has also made additions to its highly rated SAS740 system. Considered to be one of company’s most versatile linear ceilings, the aluminium product now incorporates lighting. Featuring the same LED luminaires as SAS330i, SAS740 is said to be ideal for clients wanting to put an alternative spin on suspended ceilings. The new lighting portfolio ensure that every aspect of a project is covered from design and service to quality and dependability.