Project Description

Modular skylights from VELUX Commercial bring daylight and fresh air to learning at Tullibody South campus


More than 55 modules of the VELUX Modular Skylight system have been installed in the recently completed Tullibody South Campus, an innovative complex comprising three educational spaces and diverse community facilities in the Central Lowlands of Scotland. Essential to the project was the need to maximise daylight and fresh air in both the central area and nursery.

After receiving the initial design intent drawings from architect Keppie Design, VELUX Commercial provided expert technical input to find the most suitable solutions. Keith Sinclair, architect at Keppie Design, paid the following compliment, “The fact that VELUX Commercial could offer a number of different lighting solutions suited us as architects as it allowed us to design a variety of spaces with different lighting conditions. The choice of two control systems and different glazing options helped to shape the design of the project, and the assistance of their inhouse design/technical team was invaluable.”

The VELUX Ridgelight was a real problem-solver for the architect, as it successfully addressed the aperture space above a two-storey void measuring approximately 3.5 metres. As Sinclair explained, “The VELUX Ridgelight was the logical option. It was able to span the vast distance, provided the most daylight – all while being able to have every second module openable to combat smoke in the event of fire.”

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