Project Description

Mosa’s Murals Fuse ceramic tiles feel exquisitely handmade, while encouraging the eye to merge colour gradations


Mosa has introduced Murals Fuse, a ceramic series that provides a fresh approach to designing with tiles. Part of the award-winning Murals range, Fuse is lively and interactive, transforming architectural surfaces into vibrant works of art and bringing the user to the centre of the spatial experience.


Mosa’s Murals Fuse tiles have a tactile, highly-crafted finish

Murals Fuse surfaces are dynamic, yet subtle and playful. The secret is in the innovative colour arrangement. Articulating both visual perception and tonal variation, Fuse encourages the eye to merge different colour gradations. When translated onto a surface, this produces a fluid and animated effect, almost imperceptibly creating the illusion of movement. It allows each piece to integrate smoothly and flexibly with its surroundings.


Murals Fuse tiles encourage the eye to merge different colour gradations creating a fluid, animated effect

Murals Fuse comprises eight colours and three tile sizes, facilitating countless configurations. By working with Fuse, specifiers can create the atmosphere of their choice, be it highly expressive or quiet and calm. Fuse tiles feel exquisitely handmade, featuring a luxurious tactile finish that exudes traditional high-quality craft.


The ceramic tiles form part of Mosa’s award-winning Murals range

Fuse was designed to expand Murals’ existing iterations – Blend, Change and Lines – by harnessing the power and wonder of human perception. While each series has its own, distinct identity, they can also work together to form extraordinary patterns and combinations. This provides a versatile and rich toolbox – a clever ceramics palette that truly befits the designer’s creative flair.

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