Project Description

Unrivalled ceiling soundproofing with Oscar Iso-Mount from Oscar Acoustics.

When noise from above is a problem, the simplest solution is to create an isolated ceiling using Oscar Iso-Mount acoustic hangers. These soundproof ceiling systems work by absorbing sound pressure waves and vibrations that cause the transmission of unwelcome noise between floors.


With no soundproof ceiling solution, noise transmits to the floor below. Oscar Iso-Mounts stop the vibration that causes the transfer of unwanted noise from floor to floor.

Oscar Iso-Mounts are specially designed to be as non-obtrusive and space saving as possible. The acoustic hangers are height adjustable so can be used across uneven joists to allow for a flat finish with minimum height loss (as little as 6mm). Once installation is complete, it appears no different to a normal plastered ceiling.

Perfect for soundproofing flats and apartments, the entire installation process is carried out from the room below, with no work required to the floor above.


Iso-Mount Type1 for timber joist ceilings with minimum ceiling height loss and Type2 for soundproofing existing timber joist & concrete ceilings

Reasons to specify Oscar Iso-Mount:

• Minimum ceiling height loss with Iso-Mount Type1 (as little as 6mm).
• Achieved a fire rating of over 90 minutes where required.
• Soundproofing performance exceeds compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document E for airborne and impact sound.
• All work is carried out from the room below, with no work required to room above.
• Height adjustable, allowing for flat ceilings across uneven joists.
• Affordable, easy to install with finished appearance of a standard plastered ceiling.
• For increased soundproofing performance, the systems can be combined with Celbar recycled, sound insulation blown into ceiling voids.

From apartments, houses, new-builds and conversions to commercial spaces, such as hotels, offices, shops and restaurants, Oscar Iso-Mount is the ideal soundproofing solution for significantly reducing unwanted noise from above.

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