Project Description

VELUX Commercial launches its ‘Building Considerations for Rooflight Refurbishment’ white paper.


Some 75 per cent of buildings standing today will still be in use by 2050. To ensure building owners and operators are not left behind, it is crucial their assets remain functional and safe, while also improving overall comfort levels. This is where refurbished rooflighting provides an opportunity. By enhancing daylighting, ventilation and other aspects, real-world benefits can be achieved aesthetically, practically and financially.

This insight and more, can be found in VELUX Commercial’s new ‘Building Considerations for Rooflight Refurbishment’ free white paper. The document considers the benefits of adapting already existing buildings alongside the journey through the refurbishment process, looking at materials, regulations and standards. Project-specific designs across a variety of commercial applications are explored, including schools, offices and heritage buildings. The benefits that accompany refurbished rooflighting are also highlighted, with a particular focus on the structural and personal benefits of daylighting alongside other broader and topical considerations.

In the context of climate change, installing new daylighting and ventilation solutions provides an opportunity to think about the building performance and occupant comfort not just today, but 30 or 50 years in the future.”

…efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses mean that energy efficiency standards are one of the most significant drivers of rooflight specifications”

The VELUX Commercial white paper is accessible here, for a comprehensive examination of the benefits and considerations of rooflight refurbishment, together with end-to-end technical support when partnering with VELUX Commercial.