Project Description

Innovative Rooflights from Glazing Vision provide access to daylight and sea views at a new-build house in Dorset


A large sliding rooflight and fixed flat rooflight from Glazing Vision allow natural daylight to penetrate the circulation space of a new-build house in Poole, Dorset, designed by RB Studio Architects. The clients wanted a modern dwelling that would maximise views towards Poole Harbour. Central to the design is a visually-striking staircase that leads up to a large, bespoke Sliding Over Fixed rooflight from Glazing Vision. Not only does the rooflight flood the house with daylight, creating an airy, open-plan feel, it also provides a means of access to the roof terrace, allowing the clients to enjoy spectacular views of the harbour and beyond.

Engineered by Glazing Vision, the 3400x2394mm Sliding Over Fixed rooflight, combines a sliding pane of glass that retracts over a fixed one. This allows as much natural daylight into the room as possible, while maintaining a retractable element, which can be used to improve natural ventilation and connection to the outdoors.

Having worked with Glazing Vision before, the architect was confident of the quality of the company’s rooflights. “The only challenge we faced with the rooflights was the initial selection, to ensure they were the correct product for the design”, comments Paul Robinson, director of RB Studio.The final result is a breath-taking house, which delivers exactly what the clients were looking for.

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