Project Description

Window renovation solutions from Schüco Jansen.


Whether you are constructing modern residential buildings or renovating listed structures, Schüco Jansen Janisol Arte 2.0 is ideal for your project. Industrial glazing, loft glazing and windows can all be renovated in accordance with the guidelines for listed buildings, meaning that the value of the property is retained.


The Janisol Arte window system provides a range of profiles in different finishes, including powder coating, stainless steel and Corten steel. There is a large selection of both inward- and outward-opening window types, ensuring the unit can be used in a variety of projects. The slimline profile system allows old side-hung, double-vent, bottom-hung, top-hung, sliding or horizontal pivot windows to be almost completely reconstructed. Narrow profile face widths and the largest possible proportion of glass provide a sleek aesthetic.

Janisol Arte 66 is an attractive tilt-before-turn window solution that is fully compatible with Arte 2.0. The tilt-before-turn vents can measure up to 2.3 metres high and weigh up to 180kg. The basic 66mm window depth enables thicker glass units, higher structural values and increased sound insulation.


The Janisol Arte 66 window and fixed glazing system combines functional advantages with an attractive appearance to provide a holistic solution for a wide range of applications. It has an extensive selection of profiles and glazing beads, giving plenty of design freedom. The concealed fittings meet architects’ demands for consistent design and clean lines without visual interruption. With high thermal insulation values, narrow face widths and optional concealed fittings, the system can be used as a punched opening or ribbon window. There is a wide range of inward-opening designs available too.

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