From small tinware business to world-leading bathroom solutions provider, Kaldewei’s success is built on its superior material – steel enamel, innovation and technological advancement

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Building on the past
Kaldewei has more than 100 years of successful manufacturing and trading under its belt. Brave decisions, a gaze firmly fixed on the future and the art of constantly reinventing itself are all attributes that have turned a small German tinware company into a world-leading manufacturer of enamelled bathroom solutions. The unique material, Kaldewei steel enamel, is not only at the core of the brand but is also a key reason for the success of every product over decades.

Today, Kaldewei’s high-end shower surfaces, washbasins and baths are found in millions of bathrooms around the world. The company’s innovative approach to design and manufacture has been acknowledged with more than 150 national and international design awards, including the highly prestigious Green Good Design Award (2017) and the iF Design Award (2019). Kaldewei has also been recognised with a gold German Brand Award for its unique brand management.

Materials and technology
Kaldewei’s success has been built on continuous material and technological advancements. A good example is its introduction of the world’s first hydraulic bath press line in 1957. This made it possible to manufacture baths seamlessly from a single sheet of steel.

Kaldewei is the only manufacturer to produce enamel in its own furnace. In 1972, the company became Germany’s first bathroom manufacturer to use production robots to ensure the consistent application of enamel. Today, Kaldewei’s Miena washbasin bowls represent a highlight of modern bathroom design. Designed by Anke Salomon, and made with a single layer of steel enamel, they combine the highest standards of minimalist design with a unique fine-edged quality. They are available in round and rectangular versions, in two different sizes. Specifiers can also choose from the exclusive matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection.

Kaldewei started operating the world’s first hydraulic bath press line in 1957, making it possible for baths to be drawn seamlessly from a single sheet of steel

Ecological responsibility
Sustainability is a vital part of Kaldewei’s identity in both its ethical and ecological commitment to the environment. It is a member of the US Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – the most widely used green building rating system in the world. As an ethical steel enamel manufacturer, all of its Iconic Bathroom Solutions are supplied with a 30-year guarantee and are 100 per cent recyclable.

The company has been awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which complies with ISO 14025 and EN 15804. To support the UK government’s carbon neutral 2050 target, Kaldewei bathroom solutions deliver the perfect sustainable material choice.

In 2018, a long-term partnership was launched with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Kaldewei is supporting the organisation’s marine conservation programme that is devoted to reducing plastic waste in our oceans.


Miena washbasin bowl and Nexsys shower surface with design cover in gold

Looking to the future
Commenting on current and future developments within the bathroom industry, Adam Teal, Head of Sales at Kaldewei UK writes, The UK market is the biggest recipient of off-site POD-build business in Europe. Kaldewei supplies and works with POD manufacturers all over the continent to integrate its steel enamel solutions into complete, installation-ready bathroom designs. Off-site PODs provide a wide range of benefits, including optimised design, factory-build quality, increased efficiency, and reduced construction times.

In terms of the environment, there are currently no specific regulations within the industry for the provision of sustainable bathroom products. As the demand for eco-friendly buildings continues to grow, we expect that there will be even more importance placed on sustainable materials. Kaldewei’s steel enamel is highly sustainable, makes a noticeable contribution to conserving resources and is ideal for sustainable buildings.

Last but not least is Nexsys, a revolutionary,  future-looking and multi award-winning shower surface system. Its 4-in-1 installation ready system makes it the perfect choice, delivering a sleek, stylish, barrier-free bathroom design. New customisation and colour options were showcased earlier this year (ISH 2019). Nexsys is now available in 17 colours, 20 dimensions for maximum flexibility and with five stylish design cover options. In common with all Kaldewei steel enamel bathroom solutions, Nexsys employs the perfect fusion of steel and glass to produce exceptional durability, smoothness, and aesthetics.

Contact Details
For more information please visit the Kaldewei website, email or call 01480 498053.

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