Kingspan highlights the many ways in which it keeps architects informed of new developments and changes within the construction industry

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Keeping up to date with change
Over the last 30 years, the construction industry has seen huge changes; from the rise of digital technology and offsite methods, to ever increasing regulatory pressures, and the development of new products and materials. For architects, one of the biggest challenges is keeping up to date with all these changes, while balancing the needs of clients with the principles of good design. To be able to do this, it is important that specifiers receive clear, accurate information about current regulatory requirements, the latest research and developments in the market, what issues they help to solve, and what opportunities they present.


Facade design involves far more than an aesthetic finish

Getting the right information
There are several forms of information that architects require or would benefit from, and which manufacturers are in a unique position to supply. Starting with product information, this needs to be detailed and supported by relevant performance criteria and test standards, not mere marketing language. Case studies demonstrating how products have been used can provide inspiration and credibility, especially if they solve a problem or help designers to meet desirable standards, such as BREEAM or LEED.


Innovative products can be used to create a high-performance building envelope with a traditional aesthetic

‘How to’ videos and information are also invaluable in helping architects understand the mechanics of how a product works in the context of construction. This is particularly important as almost 50 per cent of architects provide a full service across all the stages of the RIBA plan of work, helping to manage projects from design to handover. However despite this, they receive little training on the practical aspects of how a building is put together.


It is essential to understand how VIPs are installed to achieve low U-values with minimal thickness

Building Regulations updates are another area where manufacturers can help specifiers understand what issues they need to be aware of, and how they can stay compliant. The development of new or improved products can take many years, so manufacturers must stay attuned to likely market and regulatory drivers, anticipating what the demand and requirements will be further down the line. In light of this, they need to stay vigilant about potential changes, and will be quick to come to grips with how their products can help with compliance, or where change may be needed. This often entails having a detailed understanding of the different regulations and standards across the UK, as they relate to their specific product offering.


The rise of digital technology has transformed aspects of the construction industry

Putting it all together
As a global manufacturer of whole building envelope systems and ancillary products, Kingspan has always provided high levels of technical support through each of its construction divisions. Since the performance objectives of all the different building elements are becoming increasingly intertwined, Kingspan uses e-learning to provide easy access to decades of testing, research, guidance and technical details from across its different businesses. The aim is to support architects in finding all the information they need to create optimised, holistic design solutions for their projects.

The kind of information available ranges from detailed guidance on building regulations, to quick ‘how to’ videos, product data sheets and CPDs on a wide range of industry issues and topics. Important tests and standards are showcased and explained where necessary, and opportunities to drive value for the end client are highlighted.


Behind this extensive knowledge resource is the recognition that architects are the key to the future of the built environment, and that what they want and need from manufacturers is useful, relevant and balanced information, backed by independent third-party certification wherever possible. Kingspan strives to supply this, and to make it accessible through the following link:

Additional information guiding specifiers to the relevant product information for their projects can be found at:

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