A selection of architectural projects from across the Architecture Today site featured on Instagram.

Civic Trust Awards unveils 2022 winners


The Civic Trust Awards has named 32 winners of its annual prize for outstanding architecture, which recognises projects that have given particular consideration to sustainability, accessibility, and cultural, social and economic impact on local communities.

Civic Trust Awards unveils 2022 winners2022-05-11T11:56:45+01:00



5th Studio has converted a former vehicle testing facility into an open-access factory for makers as part of the £6 billion Meridian Water development in Enfield, north London.


S-LAB by Elastico Farm


Elastico Farm has designed a lab building of interlocking pink concrete planes for the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Turin, Italy.

S-LAB by Elastico Farm2022-02-01T14:49:48+01:00



RX Architects has completed a pink pigmented concrete house on Camber Sands beach, which features a completely flush facade that stops sand build up.


Still standing: Casa Luis Barragán


Luis Barragán’s most famous work, originally designed for a client in Mexico City in 1937, then occupied by Barragán himself, harnesses the power of opposites as well as referencing his devout Catholicism.

Still standing: Casa Luis Barragán2022-01-26T19:11:25+01:00

Materials Library: White Red Architects


Director Joe Haire explains how the practice’s growing interest in sustainability and the circular economy is reshaping its approach to design and materiality.

Materials Library: White Red Architects2022-05-11T11:58:03+01:00

Eric Parry


My Kind of Town Brussels is a city of interiors of great power and dignity

Eric Parry2022-02-17T18:41:37+01:00