Materials Library: White Red Architects


Director Joe Haire explains how the practice’s growing interest in sustainability and the circular economy is reshaping its approach to design and materiality.

Materials Library: White Red Architects2022-01-11T12:58:46+01:00

From BS to EN standards


Dave Robinson, Head of Technical Support at British Gypsum, discusses how the company’s new website leads the way in greater data integrity, and why there is an urgent need for a change in culture around safety and testing in the construction industry.

From BS to EN standards2022-01-06T15:55:18+01:00

Beyond COP26 – an action plan for change


Watch our webinar with Interface, which explores the roadmap towards a net zero construction sector, and how individuals, practices and institutions can play their part.

Beyond COP26 – an action plan for change2021-12-22T17:44:35+01:00

The revolution will be mechanised


Bartlett professor Jacqui Glass tells architects not to ignore modern methods of construction and offers practical advice as to how to embed the relevant knowledge within their teams.

The revolution will be mechanised2021-11-29T13:08:49+01:00