Project Description

Ketley Brick passes rigorous freeze-thaw testing for projecting brickwork


Ketley Brick has successfully passed rigorous industry freeze-thaw tests for the performance of its textured and hit-and-miss brickwork in severe exposure conditions. The company, which produces F2 Frost resistant ‘Class A’ Staffordshire Engineering bricks (known for their high compressive strength and low water absorption), has set a new performance benchmark in this area, opening up design possibilities for architects working with decorative brick facades.


Projecting Ketley Brick masonry is used to striking effect on the Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds

The test procedure, which was conducted by independent testing house and UKAS accredited Lucideon, required that, when tested at 100 freeze-thaw cycles on all five exposed faces, the bricks should experience no more than minor cracks. Ketley bricks incurred no damage whatsoever. Furthermore, the test panel, which was made up of bricks of varying degrees of projection, demonstrated that Ketley’s textured and hit-and-miss brickwork could withstand freeze-thaw conditions when projected at 50mm. This is well beyond the standard 30mm projection of bricks tested in the past.


Ketley’s textured and hit-and-miss brickwork can withstand freeze-thaw conditions even when projected at 50mm

Given the severe conditions that textured and hit-and-miss brickwork has to withstand, Ketley Brick believes that it is important to provide architects with bespoke performance data as guidance for their specifications.


Projecting and articulated Ketley Brown Brindle bricks at Croxley Park near Watford

In recent years there has been a renaissance in the use of textured and hit-and-miss brickwork on prestigious buildings, as architects design more innovative and visually striking facades. Designed by Acme, the multi award-winning Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds is a stunning example of the creative and innovative use of projecting brickwork using Ketley Brick.

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