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Premier Loft Ladders: taking the right steps to combat fire


Premier Loft ladders’ growing range of fire-rated loft ladders offer the benefits of increased warmth retention and safe access, whilst providing up to 120 minutes of fire protection.

Over the past couple of years, Premier Loft Ladders has introduced several new loft ladders to its product range. A great example of these are the innovative Klimatec 160 passivhaus (pictured below) and Isotec loft ladders. Both feature high strength steel ladders and offer superb thermal insulation. Furthermore, the Klimatec 160 is certified for use in passive buildings. Also, both loft ladders have the benefit of fire-resistant hatch boxes (the Isotec offering up to 120 minutes protection).


Top: The Supreme with fire-rated steel hatch box. Counter-balanced manual or electric operation (pictured). Fire protection for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
Above: The Klimatec 160 Passivhaus certified loft ladder with 30 minutes fire protection.

These new products accompany the already well-established fire-rated products on offer from Premier Loft Ladders, including the popular Supreme loft ladder range, as well as the compact MiniLine. These concertina loft ladders feature high strength components and counter-balanced operation, making access to loft space, plant rooms or a flat roof terrace safe and easy.

Furthermore, Premier Loft Ladders have recently released a new range of BIM models.  These make it even easier for architects and designers to specify the perfect fire-rated loft ladder their project. The BIM objects are available in both Revit and IFC format.


The MiniLine is one of several fire-rated products available from Premier Loft Ladders as a BIM object.

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