Project Description

New Sieger Lux Bifolding Doors combine exceptionally slim frames with high levels of performance


Ultra-slim and thermally broken, the new Sieger Lux Bifolding Doors are the latest glazing system for groundbreaking architectural designs. The aluminium doors incorporate a vent frame of only 30mm. The glazing is structurally bonded into the frame to further accentuate the slim aesthetic. The doors can be manufactured up to three-metres high by 1.2 metres wide per pane.

Central to the success of Sieger Lux Bifolding Doors on residential projects is their versatility. They can be employed as either corner opening or bi parting doors in an inward or outward opening configuration. There is no restriction on the number of bifolding panes, so the doors can be made to fill exceptionally large apertures.

Each aluminium framing profile is selected and engineered to provide a minimal and modern finish, while maintaining outstanding levels of performance. The doors achieve a UW value from 1.6W/m²k, an air permeability rating of Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207, and water tightness of Class 7A to 9A in accordance with EN 12208.

Sieger Lux Bifolding Doors combine slim aesthetic with outstanding performance

Sieger Lux Bifolding Doors can be viewed at Sieger Aluminium’s showroom in Amersham. For a quotation email

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