William Tozer Associates has completed a carefully detailed art and loft-style living space in east London


William Tozer Associates

Located in Shoreditch, London, Gallery Loft by William Tozer Associates comprises a refurbished industrial space for the display of art, as well as a new-build rooftop pavilion housing living accommodation and a generous roof terrace. The art spaces on the lower level are loosely divided by ‘blade’ walls clad in timber or painted black or white. Conceived as a single continuous plane, the floors are finished in white-dyed timber. An open-riser staircase clad in the same material connects the two floors and is intended to evoke the Stack works of Donald Judd.

Lower and upper floor plans; sections

Daylight penetrates deep into the lower plan as a result of the roof terrace lightwell, stair void, and a high-level mirror. The latter appears to double size of the art space, while also reflecting natural light from the open-rise staircase and frameless pavilion glazing above. Background illumination is provided by wall-mounted flood-lamps, while the walls are lit by gallery track luminaires.


The pavilion accommodates a bedroom, living space and bathroom. Referencing Donald Judd’s Specific Object artworks, the bathroom is finished entirely in stone. The frameless, glass-roofed shower is intended to evoke a James Turrell Skyspace. Externally, the pavilion combines black cladding panels with black-backed glass and black warehouse-style windows.

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