Lignacite discusses the future of sustainable high-performance masonry

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Since 1947, Lignacite has been demonstrating its skill, flexibility and ingenuity in the use of both green and abstract materials, as well as processing techniques. The emerging trend in today’s market is a move to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and efficient forms of masonry. These are some of the founding principles and features of Lignacite’s original and long-standing products. These that have enabled the company to stand out as leaders in innovation and users of sustainable materials.


The future of sustainable masonry
The company’s focus going forward is to promote the sustainability and green credentials of its commodity range, which employs both wood and locally sourced recycled materials.

There is a compelling requirement to build more affordable and sustainable housing in this country that has minimal environmental impact and is suitable for future environmental conditions. It is in this arena that Lignacite continues to be a market leader and is constantly striving to find new renewable and eco-friendly solutions. Lignacite fully supports the government’s commitment to Net Zero Carbon emissions in the UK by 2050, and believes that in order to achieve this every household and business will have to contribute.

Lignacite’s current range of concrete ‘commodity’ blocks include a range of lightweight, medium dense and dense products.


Lightweight  – Fibo 850 and Lignalite provide key benefits for the build process, including high fire resistance, low moisture, good thermal performances, and recyclability after use.

Medium Dense – The original ‘Lignacite’ block provides high fire resistance, excellent sound insulation, and good thermal performance. It has been used extensively on some of the country’s most iconic buildings, including the Gherkin, Shard and Olympic Stadium.

Dense – Lignacrete, a robust, loadbearing unit, suitable for internal and external walls. The block provides a range of strengths up to 22.5N/mm2 and a number of key benefits, including excellent sound insulation properties.

Building on its history of sustainability and innovation, Lignacite has recently introduced ASH GP, a medium dense commodity block. The new product uses even more recycled wood and sustainably sourced aggregates than before, equating to 0.01 road miles associated for every metre of ASH GP produced.


Lignacite’s focus is to continually develop, improve and manufacture a range of high performing, sustainable building blocks that support the construction industry and built environment, as well as meet the needs of future generations.

For further information about Lignacite and technical advice on its range of sustainable products, please visit our website or call our Brandon or Nazeing branches on 01992 46441 and 01842 810678 respectively.