An AT webinar, supported by MEDITE SMARTPLY, exploring the importance of building with wood is taking place on Thursday 14th October.

In association with


The zero-carbon, timber-framed COP26 House developed by Beyond Zero Homes

Can building with wood from sustainably managed forests be the answer to reducing carbon embodied emissions and greenhouse gases? This AT webinar in association with MEDITE SMARTPLY will explore how architects, engineers and the timber industry are seeking to mitigate climate change by increasing the use of wood in construction. Our panel of expert speakers comprises:

  • Dr Matt Kennedy, Associate Director, Carbon & Climate at Arup
  • Daniel Doran, Principal Consultant, Circular Ecology
  • Roly Ward, National Account Manager ‑ Frameworks, MEDITE SMARTPLY
  • Peter Smith, Architect and Passivhaus Designer, Roderick James Architects

They will be covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Best practice across the industry to achieve net zero carbon
  • Biogenic carbon, dynamic life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD) – the language explained
  • How to assess the embodied carbon in materials
  • End of life strategies and designing for disassembly and reuse
  • Building with wood: What are the immediate construction benefits and long-term health and wellbeing gains?
  • Key processes to help ensure a sustainable supply chain
  • Designing the Beyond Zero House at COP26

Registration Information
Register here to join our live webinar at 10.00am on Thursday 14th October.