Meet the judges: Amin Taha


When it comes to assessing whether a building has best stood the test of time, Architecture Today Awards judge Amin Taha will be looking out for projects using materials with the lowest embodied carbon possible.

Meet the judges: Amin Taha2022-08-09T20:30:10+01:00

Retrofit Reimagined


Birmingham's Retrofit Reimagined festival was a welcome switch up of the traditional archi-event and a chance for meaningful conversation on the action needed to address climate crisis, finds Bobby Jewell.

Retrofit Reimagined2022-08-09T12:19:07+01:00

Meet the judges: Heather Topel


I’m keen to hear about the journey buildings have been on – how the world has evolved since the brief was set, says Architecture Today Awards judge and Grosvenor development director Heather Topel.

Meet the judges: Heather Topel2022-08-09T16:50:10+01:00

Meet the judges: David Partridge


It is a really good idea to assess buildings after they have been in occupation, rather than a bright shiny new (unused) objects, says Architecture Today Awards judge, Related Argent chair David Partridge.

Meet the judges: David Partridge2022-08-09T20:35:42+01:00

Meet the judges: Simon Allford


I believe architecture starts when life takes over and we should enjoy the patina of life and appreciate that adaptation is not just inevitable, is something we should celebrate, says Architecture Today Awards judge Simon Allford.

Meet the judges: Simon Allford2022-08-03T17:27:37+01:00

Meet the judges: Despina Katsikakis


Architecture Today Awards judge Despina Katsikakis, Executive Partner and Global Head of Total Workplace at Cushman & Wakefield, discusses her hopes to see a shift away from the visual focus on buildings and towards the resiliency and value they can offer.

Meet the judges: Despina Katsikakis2022-08-01T17:42:24+01:00