Yorkton Workshops


Cassion Castle Architects has transformed a dilapidated block in Hackney into a contemporary design office

Yorkton Workshops2021-02-18T15:18:53+01:00

Trail Blazer


A listed London fire station has been sensitively transformed into energy-efficient apartments by Tate Harmer

Trail Blazer2021-02-18T15:20:12+01:00

Cromwell Place


Buckley Gray Yeoman creates a unique arts hub from five Georgian terrace houses

Cromwell Place2021-02-18T15:21:09+01:00

Gothic Revival


Building Review Jack Richards admires a contemporary but contextual addition to the Fratry at Carlisle Cathedral by Feilden Fowles

Gothic Revival2020-10-09T16:58:10+01:00

The Weston


Building Review Feilden Fowles draws on the landscape and Land Art at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Weston2020-10-09T16:58:09+01:00

Factory Setting


Building Feilden Fowles has found appropriate expression for a rural food production campus, discovers Graham Bizley

Factory Setting2020-10-14T15:46:24+01:00

Less is More


Building Review Feilden Fowles’ self-built studio is a clear expression of the principles and pleasures of ‘lean’ architecture, says David Grandorge

Less is More2020-10-14T15:46:41+01:00
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