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Home Lift Experts is an invaluable online resource for architects looking to include a home lift in a project. Due to recent developments in the domestic lift market there are now a huge array of different models available. It can therefore be difficult to choose the best product to recommend to a client. Home Lift Experts is a comparison website that looks at all the available features of home lifts currently on the market, including brands such as Stiltz, Lifton and Aritico.

The site, which launched last year, enables architects to select from a range of factors, such as budget, style, size, number of desired floors to travel across and customisation options, to make sure that they are recommending the best possible lift for the project.


Home Lift Experts can help recommend the right lift to match the client’s budget. Through the floor domestic lifts can be expensive, depending on the make and model, as well as the specification of the design that you choose. Factors such as how the lift is powered, how many floors of travel are required, and the area that the lift needs to be installed in can all impact the cost. However, Home Lift Experts can help you to choose the one that best suits your client’s budget.

Whether your client has a large, open-plan house, or a small compact home, Home Lift Experts advisors allow architects to find a domestic lift that will fit the space. Today, most home lifts have the smallest footprint possible to minimise spatial compromise. The website also compares lifts based on how many passengers they can carry, and if they are able to accommodate wheelchairs and walking frames.


If your client requires the lift to travel between more than one or two floors in their home, Home Lift Experts can find the right lift. For instance, while Stiltz Home Lifts and Lifton Home Lifts primarily transport homeowners from the ground floor to the upstairs of their two-storey home, an Aritco home lift allows travel up to six floors. This would benefit any client living in a tall townhouse with a basement or loft, for example.

Many homeowners are apprehensive about installing a home lift and are worried about potentially compromising the style of their interior with a clunky installation. Home Lift Experts compares the styles of lifts so that an informed decision can be made. The company also aims to recommend the right lift to suit the client’s needs, whether that is something classic, contemporary or luxurious.

Some clients may favour added extravagance or wish for their lift to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. Some home lifts on the market can be customised precisely to the architect’s and client’s needs, without compromising the build. Home Lift Experts compares lifts according to what level of customisation they can offer. For example, Aritco customers can choose lighting as well as the colour and construction of the lift walls and ceiling to suit the design of their home, in addition to how many floors the lift needs to travel.

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