PEFC certification marks a proud milestone in Recticel’s sustainable ambition.

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Sustainability is at the heart of Recticel Insulation’s strategy and company values. Earlier this month, the company was proud to announce that its multilayer thermal insulation products had achieved the acclaimed PEFC (the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) label. PEFC is a leading alliance of national forest certification systems. Based in Switzerland, the non-profit organisation is committed to promoting environmentally friendly forest management that is also socially beneficial and economically viable through independent third-party certification.

Three products from Recticel’s high-performance PIR thermal insulation range – Recticel Eurothane® GP, Eurothane Eurodeck® and Eurowall® Cavity – were awarded the PEFC label. It denotes that each cavity solution’s multilayer paper facings are made from wood fibres sourced from PEFC-certified and sustainably-managed forests. Recticel is the first PIR/PUR manufacturer authorised to use this environmental label.


Dirk Vermeulen, Head of Technical Management at Recticel Insulation, said: “By choosing Recticel’s PEFC-certified insulation products, whether it be a property owner, architect, project developer, turnkey builder or contractor, they will be making a distinctive choice to buy a sustainable product. The certification is huge testament to the superb work of our research and development teams, and the huge efforts of all Recticel staff in doing so much to uphold Recticel’s sustainable culture.”

Recticel’s PIR/PUR insulation panels are manufactured in seven state-of-the-art production plants across Europe. The UK site in Stoke-on-Trent received PEFC certification for the company’s DIY and speciality product range in 2019, with the France-based facility receiving the same classification in 2020. The company is now focused on achieving PEFC classification for all production facilities where multilayer paper facings are used.


Long-term strategy fuelled by low-carbon solutions
Recticel’s sustainability strategy, which closely aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal, confirms its commitment to finding responsible solutions to natural resource depletion and climate change. For example, the CO2 emissions reduced by its insulation solutions in 2020 are 46 times greater than the carbon footprint on scope 1, 2 and 3 of all Recticel Group activities combined.

The energy-reducing properties of its superb insulation product range is only part of Recticel’s sustainable success. The company is on a continual quest to reduce the environmental impacts of its entire business operation. There is special focus on the manufacturing process and minimising energy usage in its factories, the majority of which are certified to ISO 14001 standards of environmental care. Great care is also taken during the development of production facilities, with green energy sourced where possible to ensure the launch of each new plant is carried out as sustainably as possible.

Dirk Vermeulen continued: “Sustainable innovation is the driver for all our research and development efforts. It is core to our strategy and a key deciding factor in everything we do. Each day we renew our commitment to finding responsible solutions to the various challenges and needs of our customers and the planet. The thermal efficacy of our products has significant environmental benefits, as efficient insulation means less energy is needed for heating and cooling. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced, which means that our insulation products are playing a part in the fight against global warming.”


PEFC-certified insulation solutions
The durability of Recticel solutions is another important environmental advantage. Their PIR composition provides structural strength as the panel’s closed-cell structure means it doesn’t absorb water. This ensures consistency that will last for generations, unlike fibrous insulation which deteriorates over time when damp sets in.

In terms of the three Recticel insulation products to receive PEFC classification this year, Eurowall® Cavity is a specialist high-performance solution for cavity walls featuring precision-cut straight edges, thus ensuring minimal board gaps for optimal thermal performance. Suitable for multiple applications, including pitched roofs, framed walls and floors, Eurothane® GP’s lightweight composition leads to a quick and easy installation, making it the ideal insulation board for contractors and installers alike. As with the Eurowall® Cavity panels, Eurothane® GP boards provide excellent thermal performance: λ = 0.022 W/mK. Compatible with mechanically-fixed, single-ply waterproofing systems, Eurothane Eurodeck® can be used to form tapered insulation to ensure appropriate water run-off and regulation thermal performance levels are achieved in flat roof applications. The insulation board provides a consistent thermal value (0.022 W/mK) and a superb surface finish for new-build and refurbishment projects.

The aforementioned products showcase Recticel’s drive to improve its sustainability strategy by innovating solutions that go beyond energy efficiency to help create a safer, cleaner environment for future generations. PEFC certification is a reward for the steps it’s taking in fulfilling that grand ambition.

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