Focus has launched its eco-performance glazed fireplace range with the re-engineered Domofocus, Ergofocus and Gyrofocus models.

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Focus has expanded its range of eco-efficient fireplaces with the launch of glazed versions of the Domofocus and Ergofocus models. A recent recipient of two prestigious Archiproducts Design Awards, the new glazed Gyrofocus has been recognised in both the Finishes and Special Mention for Sustainability categories. Focus has been dedicated to the transformation of its wood-burning fireplaces for many years, with the objectives of energy performance and eco-responsibility, without altering the original design. Now Domofocus and Ergofocus join the glazed fire family.

Beyond the design – energy performance
Focus now produces three glazed designs that are all Ecodesign certified and fully compliant with highest UK and European regulations. The original designs of both Ergofocus and Domofocus remain intact. The pure, ergonomic shape of the former and the curves of the latter have been perfectly preserved, as well as their 360-degree swivel action. As with the Gyrofocus, an ingenious sliding glass window provides a perfect view of the flames without the risk of sparks flying.


Ergofocus by Focus

Beyond the design – technological challenges|
Focus is the only company in the sector to constrain the combustion chamber of its fireplaces to their design. This already difficult challenge has become much more complex with the ambition to close its fireplaces and provide them with real energy performance. The organic shape of these iconic models was not initially suited to this dual technological problem.

Focus began a dedicated transformation of its industrial process ten years ago by creating an R&D department and investing more than £5m into it. To further speed up and streamline the certification process, Focus also equipped itself with a test bench identical to that used by the European laboratories that award Ecodesign approval. It is thanks to this technological component, a culture very specific to its own products, and a limited series production, that Focus can take up these challenges.


Domofocus by Focus

Glazed Gyrofocus
The legendary Gyrofocus is now available with an Ecodesign-ready closed hearth. Imperceptible at first glance, the unique curved glass window protects the surrounding environment without altering the original design. This is a huge technological feat for Focus, who remain at the forefront of fireplace innovation.

Keeper of the flames
All the advantages of a real fire are preserved without the risk of sparks flying thanks to the ingenious frameless sliding glass window that fits seamlessly into the hearth. This allows for a perfect view of the wood burning fire with the added benefit of energy efficiency.


Gyrofocus by Focus

The new Glazed Gyrofocus is compliant with all new legislation concerning wood-burning appliances that came into force early in 2022. However, Focus has been pushing boundaries since 2015 and has implemented the strictest regulations complying to the highest environmental levels including a 4-star 4 Stelle rating in Italian environmental regulations, one of the most demanding in the world.

Energy Efficiency
The new Glazed Gyrofocus remains extremely straightforward to use. Thanks to the regulation of the air supply at the base of the opening, it is very easy to adjust the power of the fire and choose low or high intensity options. A key positioned on the duct also helps conserve the fireplace’s energy and maintain heat in the room.

The trio stand together as a new family of glazed eco-efficient fireplaces: Gyrofocus, Domofocus and Ergofocus.

Gyrofocus and Domofocus energy performance:

• Yield = 81%
• CO at 13% of O2 = 1102 mg/Nm³ (i.e. 0.09%)
• Dust emissions = 19 mg/Nm³
• VOC (OGC) at 13% O2 ​​= 34 mg/Nm³
• NOx at 13% O2 ​​= 151 mg/Nm³

Ergofocus energy performance will be available soon


Focus, an international design legend
For more than 50-years and across all continents, Focus has been shaking up design codes with its innovations. It was the first to move the fireplace from the wall to the centre of the room, making it the focal point of the interior.

Focus has nearly 120 employees spread over two sites in the south of France. Proud of its made in France moniker, The company has its head in the stars and its eyes firmly set on the international scene. With its emblematic fireplace, the Gyrofocus, Focus has become an international design legend. But the company is more than fireplaces, it creates surprises, emotion, occasion. Focus creates the story.

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Focus fireplaces are available throughout the UK and Ireland. For more information please visit the Focus website.