Installation by Pezo von Ellrichshausen and Felice Varini


Thomas Arran, Anna Gowthorpe, Octovision Media

Jointly commissioned by RIBA and Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and supported by the British Council, ‘A Hall for Hull’ has been realised by Chile-based architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen and Swiss artist Felice Varini, best known for his perspectival illusions in three-dimensional space. The work occupies Trinity Square as a highlight of the special year’s final season, ‘Tell the World’.


Sixteen cylindrical columns are arranged in a four-by-four grid in front of Hull Minister to highlight the symmetry of its facade. Visitors can enter each of the six-metre-high tubes (which can accommodate exhibitions and displays) and experience varying light conditions created by perforations in the galvanised steel skins. Three of Varini’s abstract patterns are overlaid on the rigid geometry of the columns to manipulate visitors’ perceptions of perspective and scale. Each corresponds to a different view across the square.


‘Hall for Hull’/’Trois Points de Vue’ is supported by Wedge Group Galvanizing and will remain in place until 11 November 2017

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