Mark Lambert, sales director at Sunsquare, introduces Aero Glide: the ultimate alternative to opening hinged skylights

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Mark Lambert


When it comes to developing new, desirable, high-quality skylights, it’s not just about having the best design engineers on your team. Yes, that’s important (and we proudly do!), but it’s only one part of the winning formula. It’s also about listening to your customers, solving the design issues they face and giving them something that they actually want and need for their projects. This is something we’ve been doing successfully for 15 years, and why we’ve pioneered so many firsts for the industry. It’s also the driver behind our most recent electronic sliding skylight, the Aero Glide.

We knew that architects had long been frustrated with the lack of choice and variety of opening skylights. In fact, until now, there’s been little other than conventional, hinged designs to choose from. We wanted to give specifiers something different, and we wanted to do it with style and panache – providing end users with sleek, fast access to rooftop areas or ventilation at the touch of a button.

How does it work?
For end users, its easy – there’s a press-and-hold two-button switch – and the rest is a breeze! Speaking more technically, the Aero Glide’s sliding pane comes in two configurations: a fixed pane of glazing (allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter), or a cantilever frame. The glass opens or closes as fast as ten seconds per metre, making it incredibly convenient for accessing to outdoor areas. It’s also discreet to operate, and features concealed compact motor gears that are effectively hidden within the base frame, so noise is kept to an absolute minimum.

Another exciting development is that the sliding element will work either vertically or horizontally, so the Aero Glide can open across its width or its length. This provides great flexibility for architects, and can provide a real ‘wow factor’ for homeowners, allowing them to bring light and air into their homes in a more dramatic, unconventional way.

Thermal performance you can’t match
As with all our skylight designs in the ‘Aero’ range, the Aero Glide has the most thermally efficient profile on the market. This is good news for architects looking to provide clients with comfortable indoor temperatures, complete weather proofing, reduced bills and a lower carbon footprint.


With three separate runs of thermal break, the Aero Glide uses polyamide insulating sections to create an effective barrier between internal and external temperatures. This guards against the process of cold bridging, which can cause unwanted condensation and potential structural damage if left untreated. It also features argon-filled, soft-coat, low-emissivity glass to help reflect internal heat back into the room and add yet another layer of insulation. This lets natural light in and helps to keep room temperatures comfortable, while the laminated inner pane blocks harmful UV rays.

Safety – our top priority
We make the safest skylights on the market. We know this, because we’re the only ones in the world to hold a BSI kitemark – a globally renowned stamp of safety and quality. When it comes to putting glass over people’s heads, safety is paramount for us, and that’s why we independently test all our skylights to destruction for ultimate durability, performance levels, and of course, peace of mind.

The Aero Glide is no different. It features shatter proof, laminated glass that keeps the people below it completely safe by holding together even if it is broken. It also provides effective protection from UV rays, while still allowing natural light to brighten up dark spaces.

For us, it’s another industry first. For you it’s the sleek, new opening skylight you’ve been looking for.

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