Radiant Architectural Lighting is unveiling a series of innovative, high-performance products at this year’s Light & Building Show in Frankfurt

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Radiant Architectural Lighting is set to make a splash at this year’s Light and Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, with a number of new launches and additions to its extensive product portfolio. The company will be exhibiting at Stand A16, Hall 4.2 from 18-23 March.

3D LED Flex 100 IP66
Building on the commercial success of the IP 20 version, which was originally created for Zaha Hadid Architects’ Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku, Radiant has introduced an IP 66 version of the 3D LED Flex 100. The exterior linear lighting system is designed for applications with non-linear lit surfaces, such as columns, domes and curved facades. Able to follow curved surfaces and facades, it is perfect for direct and indirect architectural lighting applications, including coves and wall washing or grazing.

This is a flexible LED interior linear lighting system that is designed to make complex designs simple. Centura is able to follow curved surfaces, encircle columns and domes, as well as make irregular shaped pendants, while ensuring excellent lighting control and uniformity. The system is available in uplight, downlight, surface-mounted or suspended configurations, and with outputs of up to 5000 lumens per metre. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including hospitality, leisure and retail.

Designed to follow curved surfaces, Centura is a flexible LED linear lighting system

Inground IP67 Water Effect
The Inground IP67 is a further development of a custom luminaire project undertaken with AF Lighting for a project in Sweden. The project brief was to replicate the slowly changing effect of light reflected from flowing water. Following its success with designers, Radiant has developed the concept further and is introducing a series of new luminaires based on this idea at the show, including a ground-recessed version.

 Inground IP67 water-effect luminaire

3D LED Flex 40 IP68
This modular, flexible, linear LED system is designed for underwater applications. Rated IP68, it is perfect for underwater applications where curved lines of light are required, such as swimming pools, fountains and water features. The components are cast in 316 L stainless steel, making them suitable for use in saline and chlorine environments, as well as ensuring a long working life at depths of up to two metres.

Rated IP68, the 3D LED Flex 40 system it is perfect for underwater applications 

Euclid 30 IP68
Designed for use in underwater applications, this nominal 300mm long, modular, linear, IP68-rated LED system is ideal for underwater applications where linear or curved lines of light are required. The components are cast in 316 L stainless steel, making them suitable for use in saline and chlorine environments. This also ensures a long working life at depths of up to two metres. The modules are linked with submersible-rated cable, allowing then to be lifted out of the water for servicing without having to drain the pool or fountain. The module’s LED pitch is set to ensure constant spacing and even lighting, without dark areas when they are run in a continuous line.

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