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Whether commercial or residential, architects are always on the lookout for bathroom finishes that meet the client’s vision, budget and schedule. Nicola Lewis, Marketing Manager at Fibo, explores how waterproof wall panels can deliver a high-quality alternative to traditional tiles.

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Bathroom trends have come and gone over the years, but one thing is clear – clients have become more ambitious, with bright coloured feature walls, spa-feel monochromes and even outdoor textures, such as wood, making their way into the washroom. How materials can contribute to maintaining hygienic environments has also become an important consideration. Wall finish materials therefore need careful consideration. This can be an issue with tiling, as grout can harbour bacteria, attract mould and wear away over time, requiring regular upkeep to maintain its freshness and cleanliness.


Now is the perfect time to consider an alternative. Fibo offers a high-quality, watertight solution with its wall panels, which require no grout and have significantly less joints for bacteria to become trapped in. This provides a more hygienic solution and is particularly beneficial for environments where there are a lot of people using the same facilities, such as offices or healthcare environments.

No grout also means Fibo wall panels are much easier to clean, requiring only a wipe down with warm, soapy water to retain a fresh appearance over many years. This is something that clients appreciate on projects where durability and longevity are a priority. It also makes the panels much easier to install – in fact, up to five times faster than the installation of tiles. Thanks to Fibo’s unique Aqualock tongue and groove ‘click’ system, only sealant in the groove is required to securely slot the panels together and create a robust, waterproof seal.


The panels themselves can also be placed on a wall without any preparation or specialist tools, even over existing tiles. This provides ample time and cost savings on site, as well as the expense of sourcing specialist labour to fit tiles. Work can continue on schedule with ease, which will be of great benefit to clients who require as little ‘down-time’ as possible.

Of course, aesthetics will be high on the agenda with clients looking for a wide range of design possibilities. Fibo can ensure every individual taste, décor and budget is catered for, without compromising style for practicality. With more than 80 different colour, design and texture options available, you can offer clients a solution that matches their vision. This includes opulent marble designs, as well as stone, wood and concrete effects for those looking to bring a more industrial feel into the bathroom. If these don’t suit, bold matt or gloss colour surfaces are on offer, from deep spa blacks to a colourful teal.


If your client wants to retain the look and feel of tiles, Fibo provides further design possibilities with its tile effect offering. Using a unique routing method, Fibo provides a range of tile effect sizes with 3D groutlines that can be provided in white or grey, to provide panels that look and feel exactly like tiles.

Fibo regularly updates its collection; and recently introduced its stunning Metro Brick design, which will be part of a new range – the ‘Urban Collection’, launching further designs in 2021.


Utlising the previously mentioned routing method, the Metro Brick range features a 3D tile-effect pattern that mimics the effect of staggered 300x100mm brickwork. Inspired by the art deco movement of the 19th Century, this design brings the metro chic appearance from New York Subways and the London Underground into the kitchens and bathrooms of the modern home. The design will be offered in five finishes: Svalbard, a matt light grey; Aberdeen, a dark, matt-finish grey; London, a glossy warm grey; Denver White, a gloss white finish; and White Silk, a white silk décor.


Extending its product offering even further, three new blue options are available from the popular Contemporary Range, which offers high gloss and matt finishes in a choice of on-trend colours and styles. With blue being a popular colour choice for the bathroom, these three new hues will create a luxurious space with ease. Midnight Blue is ideal for clientele seeking a dramatic, dark hue, with a gloss finish. Smokey Blue (a teal blue) and Dusty Blue (a darker shade with grey undertones) are ideal for those who would instead prefer a matt finish.


Fibo recognises that architects work with a wide range of clients and requirements. In response it provides a range of flexible, beautiful options to suit every budget and vision. What’s more, the entire range, including the new designs, is covered by Fibo’s market-leading 25-year warranty, which covers watertightness, robustness and colour retention, once the panels are properly installed.

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