In practice

Architectural photographer Timothy Soar captures the diversity, preoccupations and ambitions of architects across the UK. A new portrait is published every week.

Tara Gbolade

Ever-changing graffiti at the Leak Street arches at Waterloo reflects the culture of constant regeneration and renewal that underpins Tara Gbolade's approach to practice.

Dean Murphy

A career devoted to education and healthcare buildings has given Dean Murphy hope that this generation is laying the foundation stones for a transformative way of life.

Rupert Cook

Lockdown has given Rupert Cook an opportunity to focus on the adventure of launching a new practice and to find a new balance in his personal and professional life.

Yẹmí Aládérun

For Yẹmí Aládérun working as a client and delivering affordable housing provides a platform to activate the power of architecture and shake things up from the inside.


Phil Coffey

The urgent threat of climate catastrophe has taught Phil Coffey to look at – and to photograph – the city in a completely different way.

David Lea

Throughout a career spanning over half a century David Lea has sought to design low impact buildings that bring people into a closer relationship with the natural world.  

David Ogunmuyiwa

David Ogunmuyiwa values the connection between practice, personal experience and community and works within a few minutes’ walk of buildings that have shaped his life.

Zoë Berman

Zoë Berman enjoys Oxford's charms but finds its gates and high walls at odds with the openness, generosity and curiosity that characterise her teaching and practice.

David Walker

David Walker believes architects have a responsibility to articulate an optimistic vision of a future that is more sustainable and less frenetic than the world we live in now.

Sarah Featherstone

Being based in the Welsh countryside allows Sarah Featherstone to focus on projects that respond directly to the ecological and climate crisis and tackle rural isolation.

Pedro Gil

For Pedro Gil, architecture is a platform to give a voice to disenfranchised groups, push for positive social change and solve problems in creative and unexpected ways.

Mary Arnold-Forster

Mary Arnold-Forster feels privileged to work with clients who share her interest in houses that tread lightly on the landscape and aspire to live a simpler life.