PORCELANOSA Group goes above and beyond with its fully warranted facade system

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PORCELANOSA Group is at the forefront of production, R&D and technical innovation in the ceramics industry. One area in which it goes above and beyond is its range of facade systems. This includes everything from the cladding itself to the support framing. Whereas many manufacturers can only offer the cladding, PORCELANOSA is one of the few that provides a full facade system using non-combustible products. This ensures design flexibility.

The company’s Open Joint Porcelain Cladding System includes the cladding, support framing and attachments. PORCELANOSA is proud to offer a 10-year limited warranty for the whole system, which means less risk for customers and building owners.


The facade is one of the most important elements in any type of building since it is virtually the only part that can be seen from the outside. That is why the design, construction and maintenance of facades are so important.

PORCELANOSA’s facade system has been tested and certified by both the British Board of Agrément and the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology. The facade systems are available nationwide, with PORCELANOSA maintaining a UK-wide distribution network.

PORCELANOSA Group provides four types of facade system:

Lightweight or ventilated ceramic facades
Due to their resilience and sustainable nature, ceramics are being increasingly used in different construction projects. The ceramic facades developed by Butech, a PORCELANOSA Group firm, can be ventilated or bonded.

Ventilated ceramic facades can save up to 20 or 30 per cent of a home’s energy consumption. In addition, the multistratum system improves sound insulation, while the installation system minimises work execution times and the maintenance resources used.

Among the most resistant materials for the facade is STON-KER™, the ceramic stone by PORCELANOSA Group that is resistant to high and low temperatures, as well chemical agents, scratches or blows.


Bonded facades for all types of buildings
Bonded facades are another one of the most frequently used building systems in residential or contract projects. The research carried out by PORCELANOSA Group in recent years has resulted in the development of bonded ceramic facade systems for strengthening building structures. Bonded ceramic facades incorporate a support on which the high-resistance ceramic tiles are clad. To install this system, Butech recommends using mechanical anchors for correct positioning and durability.


KRION™ ventilated facades
Resistant to fire, moisture, UV rays, stains and chemicals, KRION™ facades stand out for their sustainable and hygienic nature. These properties have made them one of the most popular materials for use on hospitals, clinics, hotels, airports and shopping centres.

Built to withstand to the most adverse weather conditions, as well as impacts or blows, the compact mineral KRION™ has been a major advance in ventilated facade design. The installation of KRION™ is tailor-made and incorporates the expert advice and monitoring of the Butech team.


Elegant natural stone facades
To incorporate natural stones into a facade, L’Antic Colonial and Butech have created the FV-STONE system. It allows the stone pieces to be fixed in a uniform and even way. The main objectives of FV-STONE are to increase the resistance and strength of facades, as well as reduce production costs.


PORCELANOSA maintains unbeatable quality standards, providing high-tech products with high-end technical expertise and aesthetic features. Its Open Joint Porcelain Cladding System provides customers with a solution for all their needs, while preserving the beauty that is synonymous with PORCELANOSA products.

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