Project Description

Bespoke door fittings from Samuel Heath have been installed on London’s iconic Centre Point tower


Samuel Heath, in collaboration with Conran & Partners, has designed and manufactured a suite of bespoke door fittings for the redevelopment of Centre Point – one of London’s most iconic landmark buildings.

The door handles reference Centre Point’s powerful geometric forms

Central to the retro-contemporary feel of the interiors is the visible hardware used in the 82 luxury apartments and common areas. Conran & Partners chose Samuel Heath to collaborate on the design and manufacture of the fittings, developing a suite of coordinated hardware that includes handles for main entrance and interior doors, escutcheons, thumb turns and releases, pull handles, flush pulls, wardrobe pulls and shower door handles.

The bespoke hardware includes pull handles, flush pulls and shower door handles

Samuel Heath’s specification sales director Rolando Guselli explains, “Conran & Partners were looking for a manufacturer who could provide the complete design and manufacture service for the hardware required, and invited us to work with them on this prestigious project. Our ability to produce rapid prototypes and metal prototypes gave tangible feedback at key stages, allowing the design team to appreciate how the products would look and feel before they went into production.”

The bespoke levers and handles reference Centre Point’s strong geometric patterns in an elegant manner, while also providing a highly tactile cue to the luxurious aesthetic of the apartments. Tim Bowder-Ridger, senior partner at Conran & Partners, comments, “The proprietary ironmongery products used in the scheme draw their inspiration from the original spirit of Centre Point Tower, enhancing the sense of place, and are of an exceptionally high standard.”

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