Project Description

Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze fixed rooflights complement a sensitively designed Victorian house extension in London


Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze fixed rooflights provide good levels of daylight in the kitchen-dining space

Designed by Trevor Brown Architects, this sensitively designed Victorian terraced house extension in London is intended to integrate with the existing building while improving the connection to the garden.

Maximising the light in a windowless kitchen
Having already had a positive experience of Glazing Vision’s products on previous projects, the architect specified the company’s Flushglaze fixed rooflights for several reasons. First, they were capable of abutting all three walls framing the roof of the extension. Second, their minimalist exterior eschewed concerns from the neighbour. Third, the absence of a bulky and/or unecessary capping ensures that the rooflight does not trap dirt or debris.

Slim sightlines ensure good aesthetics

Preventing heat loss on a flat roof
Additionally, the architect was satisfied that the Flushglaze rooflight provides excellent thermal performance, with its combination of low-emissivity glass, argon-filled cavities and warm edge spacer bars. The risk of condensation forming on the internal frame – caused by cold bridging, is also kept to an absolute minimum. The framework is sealed by a gasket, which means there is no need for a thermal break. This keeps the profile as small as possible.


View looking towards rear garden

Minimalist framework does not detract from the interior aesthetics
Where the kitchen’s dark tones, industrial finishes and moody, eclectic furniture could have compromised light quality, the generously sized Flushglaze rooflights ensure a bright, well-lit and welcoming space.

For more information on achieving the right thermal performance for renovations with large areas of glazing, download Glazing Vision’s guide.

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