Project Description

Corian® makes a dynamic and durable external facade material


Menai Science Park, Anglesey, by FaulknerBrowns Architects

In recent years architecture has made an exciting discovery in the form of a premium material that is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. First impressions count, and a rain-screen facade made from Corian® will perform beautifully and reliably for the long term. Strong, versatile and easy to work with, Corian® Solid Surface is suitable for a wide range of cladding applications and is available in 42 colours for facade installations.


Lens House, London, by Alison Brooks Architects (ph: Jake Fitzjones)

Completely homogenous and non-porous, Corian® is easy to clean and maintain, fire-rated, resistant to graffiti, UV and climatic conditions. It can incorporate decorative effects and is repairable if damaged. Compatible with mechanical and Kiel fixing systems, its adaptability ensures ease of fabrication and fitting. Whether you are creating a sleek monolithic appearance, strikingly angular structures, flowing curves or ethereal lighting effects, Corian® provides a facade solution like no other.

Motel One, London, by Mackay + Partners

In the UK, high-profile cladding projects with Corian® include the RIBA award-winning Macmillan NGS Unit in Chesterfield by The Manser Practice, the dramatic Menai Science Park in Anglesey by FaulknerBrowns Architects, the illuminated facade of Motel One in London by Mackay + Partners, and the multi award-winning Lens House, also in London, by Alison Brooks Architects.


Macmillan NGS Unit, Chesterfield, by The Manser Practice (ph: Hufton & Crow)

The unique benefits of Corian® have been applied to a range of buildings from public and commercial to private residences, capitalising not only on elegant aesthetics but also cost-effectiveness and durability.

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