Door-Stop International outlines the benefits of specifying dual-certificated fire doorsets.

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Architects and specifiers selecting fire doorsets for residential buildings need to be confident that the products they choose will perform as intended when needed. That is where third-party certification makes the difference. Door-Stop International has launched its new Fire and Security Dual-Certificated Doorset, a timber core product with GRP facings that is third-party certificated using a robust base of primary test evidence as the foundation for certification. So, how does this help architects?

Full traceability of all doorset components
Door-Stop operate a strict, digital, factory production control system designed to provide complete control and traceability. These processes are regularly audited by independent, UKAS accredited auditors. Specifiers, building owners and residents can easily access the key features of the specification and associated certification. A unique label is applied to each doorset that provides traceability to the specific batch, raw materials and components.


Independent third-party testing
Door-Stop only undertake fire tests on products that are manufactured under witness and verification of an independent third-party. It means an accurate specification of every single component of the design is inspected and documented, not a ‘golden sample’ that has been engineered just to pass the test.

The Door-Stop Fire and Security Dual-Certificated Doorset is Certifire-accredited by Warringtonfire. Certisecure, a scheme recognised by Secured by Design, is used to demonstrate its security credentials.

Multiple tests that make up primary test evidence
Primary test evidence refers to when a fire door has been tested as part of a complete doorset. Door-Stop includes a list of the test reports used to create the certification scope and to provide transparency of the primary test evidence basis of the product performance.

Its fire doorsets are tested multiple times across a variety of components and configurations, and go beyond minimum standard benchmarks. By testing in this way, variability is accounted for within the process, which provides additional assurances in the results.

The Door-Stop Fire and Security Dual-Certificated Doorset has also been furnace tested from both directions, even though it is not a requirement for timber fire doors.


Golden thread
Door-Stop’s digital ‘Critical to Safety’ manufacturing, monitoring and recording controls specification and traceability of every doorset to offer reassurance that the product supplied has the same specification as the door that was tested. This creates a golden thread of information that aids traceability for all stakeholders in the chain.

Technical support and advice
Door-Stop also operates an online product configurator tool to help architects tailor the doorset to the specification. Detailed instructions and resources are provided to ensure that doorsets can be installed in line with the certification. Door-Stop has tested its product with two different linear gap sealing methods in order to prove installed performance and based on those tests, a number of alternative systems are approved for use by Certifire. Competent installation means the doorset should perform as designed, and assists installers and building owners in meeting their legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of residents.

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