Sunsquare develops the world’s first fully smart skylight

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Justin Seldis, Managing Director, Sunsquare


In a world that seems to be getting smarter by the day, the skylight industry has lagged a long way behind. Sure, there are skylights with rain sensors that can detect CO2, or that open and close at set temperatures, but for architects looking to specify smarter or higher tech buildings, that’s simply not enough. Whether its lighting schemes or heating systems, specifiers have long had access to a host of smart options. Yet, when it comes to skylights, the technology simply hasn’t been available. But we’re changing that.

At Sunsquare, we’ve just developed Smartsquare, the world’s first fully smart skylight. We’ve brought smart technology to skylights for the first time, finally bringing the industry in line with the rest of the world. This global first, not only offers specifiers something different, but also delivers a real wow-factor for customers. It gives them complete control of single or multiple skylights from anywhere in the world, at any time, through Wi-Fi connected smart phones and virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Designed for functionality
One of the areas we focussed on when developing Smartsquare is its multifunctional technology. In addition to asking Alexa or Siri to open and close skylights, people are able to programme Smartsquare to automatically open and close them based on weather conditions, humidity, inside temperature, and sunrise or sunset, as well as the user’s proximity to the building.

We also included additional features, such as energy consumption monitoring, smartphone notifications whenever a skylight is opened or closed, and the ability to share control with other people. As you’d expect, Smartsquare comes with a free, dedicated smartphone app, and 24/7 technical support. It’s also highly compatible with other smart devices, enhancing functionality further.


Easy to install
We wanted to make Smartsquare as simple to install as possible, so it has the same dimensions as a single light switch and requires no more wiring than a normal switch. The build quality is what you’d expect from Sunsquare too, featuring touch-sensitive tempered glass, customisable backlighting, and availability in a black or white glass finish. A contemporary design aesthetic means that it fits perfectly into any residential or commercial environment.

The circuitry and wiring that enable the unit to follow instructions are all housed within the frame of the skylight, so there are no unsightly control boxes on display. All that’s required is an electrical supply to Smartsquare and skylight. We’ve worked hard to keep the cost down too. The RRP is £395, which is comparable to a rain sensor, yet Smartsquare has far greater functionality. Smartsquare can be installed with brand new Sunsquare opening skylights and can also be retrofitted to skylights manufactured after mid-2017.


Unrivalled innovation and quality
Traditionally, the skylight industry has not been technologically advanced when it comes to smart systems. At Sunsquare, we’ve always been trendsetters, pushing the boundaries of skylight design, so we wanted to challenge this and bring the industry in line with the rest of the world. With innovation in our DNA, it was obvious to us that we needed to provide architects with smart solutions. Now, when architects specify smart buildings, smart skylights can be part of their plans.


Build quality you can trust
Sunsquare is the only flat-roof skylight manufacturer to hold a BSI (British Standards Institution) Kitemark – a globally-renowned certificate of quality assurance. This means our skylights are regularly independently tested to deliver market-leading durability and performance. We recognise how important product quality is to your reputation, so you can trust that this level of quality is also integral to Smartsquare’s design and production.

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